STEELBALLS DIN5401 | ISO3290 | WS1.3505 | AISI52100 | UNI100Cr6 | HRC63±3|Cl. I-VI
STAINLESS STEELBALLS WS 1.4034 ( 1.3541 ) stainless, tempered, HRC 55 ± 3
WS 1.4301 acid-resistant, untempered, HRC 25-39
WS 1.4401 acid-resistant and antimagnetic, HRC 25-39
WS 1.4125 | 1.4571 etc. on request
TUNGSTEN CARBIDE BALLS Wolframcarbid DIN5401 | ISO3290 | K20 | HRA 90-91 (calibration spheres)
POLISHING BALLS Chrome- and Carbonsteel, stainless steel (also -staves und –corpus)
glass, steatite and ceramic
MILLING BALLS steel forged , tempered or non-tempered up to Ø 150 mm
aluminiumoxidceramic ALUBIT -90 from 14 up to 63,5 mm
BLASTING ABRASIVES cast steel, glass, corundum and plastic
LEAD BALLS 3,0 mm - 10 mm, special-manufacturing on request
IRON BALLS massive: grinded up to Ø 60 mm, drill- and weldable
hollow: up to Ø 1240 mm with hole or thread, half-shells
BRASS; BRONZE; ALU massive: precision or turned with screw thread up to Ø 150 mm
hollow: up to Ø 1240 mm, half-shells as well;
miscellaneous cast- and turning work pieces also on request
PLASTIC BALLS  massive: precision of PA, POM, PP, PE, PUR, PTFE and acrylic
hollow:   PE curl-formed; for lamps crystal clear and opal of PMMA, PC 
for decor use in 5 colours PE Ø 25 - 100 mm
for acid- and swimming pool coverage, of PP and PE
CERAMIC BALLS precision balls AL2O3 and SI3N4, antimagnetic
STYROFOAM BALLS massive: Ø 30 mm - 150 mm, filling material 2 - 6 mm
hollow:   Ø 150 mm - 500 mm of 2 half-shells pluggable
GLASS BALLS 0,1 mm - 200 mm precision- and polishing quality
WOODEN BALLS 3 - 150 mm, untreated, also coloured, with or without hole
RUBBER BALLS 3 - 300 mm, massive, from Ø 45 mm also iron- or cork core
CYLINDRICAL ROLLERS chrome steel / UNI 100 Cr.6 DIN 5402
NEEDLE ROLLERS chrome steel / UNI 100 Cr.6 DIN 5402
ROLLER BEARINGS plastic with glass- or stainless steel balls
MACHINE HANDLES ball-, star-, operating knobs, palm grip, industrial-, cylinder-, knob-, block-,
baling handles (standard model in black, coloured on request)
hand wheels and clamp levers; aluminium or cast iron