There must be a reason, that all planets are round!

The medium BALL does not only restrain nature, but also technology.  Only the scope of steel balls from 0,2 mm
up to 200 mm and above speaks for itself.
Different engineering standards (DIN, ISO, AFBMA etc.) regulate this sector. Tolerances up to 0,0005 mm are not rare.

The rising diversity of materials, especially in the high-tech sector, brought along different steel- and stainless qualities, but also materials like aluminium oxide ceramic, tungsten carbide, titan, teflon and high-grade steel.

At KUGEL POMPEL you will find a round solution for all your needs also in reliable materials such as brass, bronze, glass, rubber and also a variety of plastic-materials (PA, POM, PVDF, PTFE, PPH, PUR).