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Measure-made precision balls

The medium BALL not only masters nature, but also technology. The range of steel balls alone, from 0.2 mm to over 200 mm, speaks for itself.

Various standards (DIN, ISO, AFBMA etc.) regulate this range. Tolerances of up to 0.0005 mm are not uncommon.

The increasing variety of materials, especially in the Hitec range, includes materials such as aluminum oxide ceramics, tungsten carbide, titanium, Teflon and stainless steel, in addition to a wide range of steel and stainless steel grades.

At KUGEL POMPEL you will also find the solution for your ball requirements in the range of other well-tried materials such as brass, bronze, glass, rubber or for example one of the many plastics (PA, POM, PVDF, PTFE, PPH, PUR).

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Steel balls
  • Hardened UNI100Cr6 / 1.3505 / AISI 52100 Rolling bearing steel / Chrome steel
  • Unhardened iron / AISI 1010 soft
  • Tungsten carbide
  • Hardened surface
  • Chrome/carbon polishing steel
  • Cast steel / cast iron / lead

Stainless steel balls

° hardened
   1.4034 / AISI420C / X46Cr13
   1.4125 / AISI440C / X105CrMo17
° unhardened
   1.4301 / AISI 304 / X5CrNi1810
   1.4401 / AISI 316 / X5CrNiMo1712
° Stainless polishing steel balls hardened & unhardened

Tungsten carbide balls
  • Tungsten carbide balls  HRA 90 - 91,5 | GD 5 - 25
  • magnetic

Ceramic balls
  • AL2O3  Aluminium oxide
  • Si3N4  Silicon nitride
  • ZRO  Zircon oxide
  • Ceramic polshing balls Alubit/Microbit
  • G5 - G100

Plastic balls
  • POM - Hostaform C (Polyoxymethylen)
  • PP - Polypropylene
  • PA - Polyamide / Nylon
  • PTFE - Teflon
  • PUR - Polyurethane

Glass balls
  • Soda lime precision glass balls
  • Soda lime polishing glass balls

Rubber balls
  • seamless (NBR, EPDM, NR, PUR)
  • with seam (NR-SBR)
  • with cork core / iron core
  • conformant to FDA regulation

Tool steel balls
  • High abrasion resistance, low wear, very good corrosion resistance.
  • For applications under the toughest conditions
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