Whether brass, iron, stainless steel, aluminum, wood, copper, bronze and glass - decoration should also always be functional.

KUGEL POMPEL offers spheres, hemispheres or fabrications in hollow and solid, with bush or pin, raw, ground, polished, painted or galvanized. There are many possibilities to get to the desired part.

Enter the world of spheres,
we are looking forward to your inquiry!

Solid metal balls
  • Solid iron balls without hole / with through hole / with bolt / with blind thread
    ° Stainless steel balls solid without bore / with blind thread / with through hole
    ° raw, ground or polished
    ° Aluminum balls with blind thread / through hole
    ° Brass balls with blind thread raw or polished
    ° Ball pipe knobs/ pipe terminations made of different materials
    ° ball pins

Hollow metal balls
  • Hollow iron balls without hole / with thread / through hole
    ° Stainless steel hollow balls bright / ground / mirror polished
    ° without bore / with thread / hole / through-hole
    ° Brass hollow balls / cast hollow balls with thread or hole
    ° Aluminum hollow balls with thread

Half hollow balls / Half shells
  • Iron half shells
    ° Stainless steel half shells
    ° Brass half-shells
    ° Aluminum half-shells
    ° Copper half shells
    ° Calottes - shells slightly curved
     ° Discs (flat, round)

Plastic balls

° Styrofoam balls solid or hollow consisting of 2 half shells
° Styrofoam filling material
° Hollow plastic balls made of PE (polyethylene)
° in various colors as balls for ball baths
° Hollow plastic balls made of PP (polypropylene) /cover balls /deco balls
° Hollow plastic balls made of polystyrene / transparent, pluggable with eyelet
° Cotton balls
° Plastic balls solid acrylic / plexiglass
° Lamp balls / lamp covers made of PMMA (discontinued article

° POM - Hostaform C (polyoxymethylene)
° PP - polypropylene
° PA - Polyamide / Nylon
° PTFE - Teflon
° PUR - Polyurethane

Glass balls
  • High quality glass balls
  • Colored or crystal clear, full round or flattened
  • also for decorative purposes

Wood balls
  • Wooden balls with or without hole / blind hole / through hole
    ° Wooden hemispheres
    ° Wooden beads
    ° natural or raw

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